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How to tell if you're on a Secured Server

Many internet shoppers wonder if their credit card information is safe when placing orders over the internet, and rightfully so. The easy way to determine positively whether your credit information is safe is this:


Once you start entering sensitive credit card information, look at the URL for this:
https:// (The s indicates that the connection is fully encrypted and quite safe!)

If the URL shows the normal http:// (see url at the top of this page), then that page and everything you put on it is not encrypted - probably best not to give your credit information! When you click on the checkout button to place your order with, you will notice that the Url begins with https:// indicating that you are on a safe connection. You can now feel secured about placing your order!

This applies to EVERY site on the internet. Now, you don't have to guess when placing orders - you know what to look for.




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