The Suffering [PC Game]
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Developed by: Surreal Software - Encore (2004) - Survival Horror - Rated: Mature

In the tradition of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry comes The Suffering, a survival horror game set in a haunted penitentiary.
Players must not only confront the spirits of executed inmates while advancing through the game's nine levels, but also fellow
criminals on death row, prison guards, and other characters. The 12 supernatural creatures in the game were designed by the
legendary Stan Winston, best known for his Academy Award-winning work in Aliens, Jurassic Park, and A.I. Players are cast in
the role of a troubled inmate named Torque, who has been condemned to death for a crime he may or may not have committed.

When the spirits of the prison inadvertently free him from captivity, Torque begins a grueling quest for survival as he uncovers the
clues to make sense of his bewildering past. To battle his grotesque foes, Torque can find and use ten different weapons, ranging
from revolvers to Tommy guns. The protagonist also hides a dark secret that allows him to transform into a superhuman creature
when pushed too far, at which point he can unleash his pent-up rage for a limited time. Levels are set within prison walls as well
as outdoor surroundings, as enemies attack from jail cells, torture chambers, underneath the ground, from behind trees, and
more. During the game, players can make certain decisions that will eventually lead to one of three possible endings.

From the Manufacturer: The Suffering captures the disturbing and terrifying nature of the horror genre in a third-person
action/adventure game set in the mature and gritty world of a maximum-security prison. The player controls the prisoner Torque,
a hardened inmate in his late 20s, sentenced to die for a murder he may or may not have actually committed. Slightly mentally
instable, Torque has flashbacks to the events from his past, throbbing images that depict the events that lead up to the crime for
which he was imprisoned. The game features nine levels, frightening character morphs, and more than 10 deadly weapons from
the shiv to the tommy gun to aid in the survival of this freakish nightmare.

Warnings: Blood and Gore,Drug Reference,Intense Violence,Strong language

Controller: Gamepad,Joystick, Keyboard & Mouse
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: Encore, Inc.
Release Date: June 10, 2004
Developer: Surreal Software, Inc.
Genre: Adventure
UPC: 705381284246
Media: DVD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: M (Mature)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 98 / Me / 2000 / XP I
The Suffering (PC Games, 2004)
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The Suffering [PC Game]
The Suffering [PC Game]
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