Alone in the Dark [PC Game]
Alone in the Dark CD-ROM (PC Games, 1994)
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Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: I-Motion
Release Date: September 21, 1993
Developer: I-Motion
Genre: Horror
UPC:  040421090389
Media: 3 ½ Floppy Disk
Rating: ESRB: M (Mature)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 95 I
Developed by: I-Motion - I-Motion (1993) - Survival Horror - Rated: Mature

Inspired by the works of horror/sci-fi writer H.P. Lovecraft, the designers of Alone in the Dark created a 3D, third-person
action/adventure title that was designed to immerse players in the game and scare them half to death. Originally released to the
PC, to which its gamers made it a best-selling title, Interplay's Macintosh division, MacSoft, ported the title over for Mac owners
to enjoy. The player, as a man or woman, must investigate a mysterious and crumbling old mansion that is filled with tricks,
traps, and creatures out of their worst nightmares. Searching the mansion for clues yields weapons, useful items, and the keys to
solving the mystery behind the baleful supernatural activity in the area.

Movement and combat are handled entirely by the player, who must punch, kick, slash, or shoot their way out of trouble. Death
comes in many forms, as monsters and the undead infest the mansion grounds, and deadly traps wait to snare the unwary. The
game is extremely spooky, and the atmosphere draws players in, resulting in an enjoyable, if frightening experience. A
challenging title, Alone in the Dark is filled with puzzles to solve, and it takes most players upward of thirty hours to complete the

From the Manufacturer: Enter a sweeping, epic world of mystery and suspense in ALONE IN THE DARK. Based on the work of
best-selling novelist, H.P. Lovecraft, the game challenges you to traverse a 3D realm of treachery and deceit. The adventure
begins when you stumble into the mess of a reported suicide. It quickly becomes clear to you that there's a strong possibility of
foul play, and that's where the real adventure begins. The action takes place in the dozens of rooms of an old, Louisiana
mansion, and the graphics and story are truly groundbreaking.
Alone in the Dark CD-ROM [PC Game]
Alone in the Dark CD-ROM [PC Game]