The Sims: Livin' Large Expansion Pack (PC Games, 2000)
The Sims: Livin' Large Expansion Pack [PC Game]
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publisher: EA Games
Release Date: September 15, 2000
Developer: Maxis
Genre: Simulation
UPC: 014633142273
Media: CD-ROM
Rating: ESRB: T (Teen)
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 95 / 98 / Me / 2000 / XP I
The Sims: Livin' Large Expansion Pack [PC Game]
The Sims: Livin' Large Expansion Pack [PC Game]
Developed by: Maxis - EA Games (2000) - Life Development Simulation - Rated: Teen

With all highly successful PC games, you can almost expect an expansion pack that builds upon the original; fans always desire
more action before actual sequels are released. The Sims is no different. Developed by Maxis, The Sims: Livin' Large incorporates
various situations with five newly added career tracks and 50 jobs.

For those unfamiliar with The Sims, here's the gameplay summary in a nutshell: using a cursor-driven interface, you'll either
create or choose a pre-manufactured family and control the way each person lives their lives. Depending on your personal
preferences, you'll decide how each person interacts with others (through pre-determined traits) and how comfortable the living
conditions are; you have the option of building houses, choosing various decors, and buying household appliances. You can even
choose career paths for individual members of the family.

In The Sims: Livin' Large, you'll have five new career paths in which to choose: musician, slacker, paranormal, journalist and
hacker. Each track is broken into various jobs. While those of the paranormal persuasion will investigate unexplained
manifestations and read tarot cards, slackers will become golf caddies, lifeguards, and store clerks. Hackers earn their living by
beta testing software, designing games, and programming advanced applications, while musicians hang out in subways, tune
pianos, work as wedding and lounge singers, and eventually become famous rock stars.

In addition to these career paths, there are all kinds of bizarre situations and interactive objects like magical genies, roach
infestations from sloppy living conditions, and unexplained phenomenon such as the exploding garden gnome. Depending on the
situation, Sims may even be abducted by alien beings -- perhaps you can hire paranormal investigators for explanations. For
nihilistic gamers, there are options to build deadly moats and other traps around your house; whenever unwanted visitors come a
ringing, they'll be swimming for their lives!

The Sims: Livin' Large also features three new architectural styles and décors. While you'll still have the option of downloading
custom-made textures from the Internet, you can build colorful yet gaudy Las Vegas-styled homes with clashing colors and strange
pieces of furniture. When you'd rather get medieval on the Sims, there are castle textures, a gothic setting, and yes, you'll have
the option of building a mad scientist lab in the basement. Finally, there is an assortment of retro (1950-60s) textures including
curved furniture, lava lamps, and shag carpeting.

Ever wanted to play God? Here's your chance to ruin people's the virtual world.
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